1000 bitcoins mined in 2010 were moved for the first time

At the time, the value was only 10 cents per coin. Today it is worth more then $ 60 million

Someone moved 1000 bitcoins that have been stuck in their wallets since they were mined in 2010.

The 1,000 bitcoins – today worth R$ 62 million – were transferred together to a new address. The transaction was observed for the first time Kirill K, a professional cryptomime trader, on LinkedIn.

The bitcoins were mined in September 2010, when the Bitcoin was less than two years old and worth less than 10 cents per coin. At that time, cryptomime was too little talked about and too cheap to mine – every bitcoin moved today was worth less than $100 in 2010.

It is not known who the owner is. However, if he sold the coins today, he would make a huge profit.

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These coins mined in 2010 are known as being from the „Satoshi era“, as it refers to coins extracted when the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, was still present in the market. At the time, Nakamoto was still participating in debate forums and with improvement projects for Bitcoin.

It is not the first time this year

In May, a portfolio moved 50 BTC that had been dormant since February 2009, when they were mined. At the time, there was a discussion about the possibility of these bitcoins being mined by Satoshi Nakamoto, but it was discarded soon after further analysis.

On October 2, another portfolio gave „Satoshi era“ was also moved. A transfer of 50 BTCs was made to another unknown address.

Unlike the other transfers, today’s transfer was the largest, 1000 BTCs, while the previous transfers were only 50 BTCs. At the time they were mined, 50 BTC was the reward for mining only 1 block. For today’s transfer to have taken place, it means that the person responsible mined at least 20 blocks in 2010.

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